A+F Scullin

Main Bathroom WC


Scullin ACT


5 weeks


Our brief was to turn our client’s small and outdated bathroom into a lighter and larger functional space.

We reconfigured the space by knocking down the laundry wall and removing the shower over bath. In its place, we added a separate shower, free-standing bath, handmade tiles, and VJ panelling—keeping the bathroom area light, spacious, and exciting. The design elements texturised the walls and highlighted the tiger bronze tapware and solid timber vanity. We took this bathroom a step further, recessed an LED strip light in the ceiling, and ran the 1200 x 600 tiles vertically up the shower wall. This detail created a sense of height and elevation within the room.

This bathroom is incredibly detailed, and we took the time to get it right. We achieved a beautiful and clean bathroom by keeping many features out of sight, such as the vents, which ran along the side walls—one of many hidden details that enhanced the bathroom’s look and functionality.