T+C Duffy



Duffy ACT


8 weeks


Our client wanted a multifunctional space for cooking and entertaining that was also easy to clean and maintain.

After renovating their bathroom and ensuite with ACT Renovations, our clients felt it was time they redesign their kitchen with us. Their original layout was dysfunctional as the kitchen could not support multiple people in the space—creating a divide from the rest of their home.

We sought to bring a wow factor to this kitchen by addressing the layout. We started with changing the opening of their laundry room. This seemingly small change transformed our design possibilities. We created space for a new cooktop and island bench. From a design perspective, we swapped the vinyl floor for an original solid timber flooring, which we found hidden underneath the vinyl.

We needed to establish a connection between the kitchen and the rest of the house. To achieve this, we featured contours throughout the home. The curved range hood stone benchtop connected with the arched doorways to the butler’s pantry, dining and living room entryways—creating a soft flowing line. Not only did the archways continue the home’s theme of curves, but they also provided a wider walkway between the island and balustrade, allowing for multiple people to enter the kitchen. Due to the stunning result of this home and kitchen, we selected minimalistic and textured finishes to elevate the design further.